Original Writing Prompts

Hey guys! It's Siddelee again, and today I'm here with a handful of writing prompts, all made by me! If they're any good, and if you actually manage to write something with them, I'd be happy to read it! Now I love writing a lot - you can evoke so many different emotions through a mere assembling of words. You can make somebody cry, dance, laugh ; and the best part is, it lives in your head. You're able to carry the story around wherever you go ; it's a whole little world inside of you, and it makes me so happy to know that I'm one who created it. Somedays, though, I simply can't find the imagination or the influence or the inspiration to help me get started. In case any of you guys are suffering through the same thing, I've come up with a list of writing prompts that might help a bit with your writing process. 😊😊


Magic In The Moment soft creaks on the porch steps a swallow’s call rings true trees bathed in golds and reds awash, ablaze, anew. a thousand gifts this season brings, silver nestlings spread their wings, foxes trot and children play o’er the fields of barley and hay . to take off and ride the gentle … Continue reading Sentiments