Original Writing Prompts

🌟 Hey guys! It’s Siddelee again, and today I’m here with a handful of writing prompts, all made by me! If they’re any good, and if you actually manage to write something with them, I’d be happy to read it!

Now I love writing a lot – you can evoke so many different emotions through a mere assembling of words. You can make somebody cry, dance, laugh ; and the best part is, it lives in your head. You’re able to carry the story around wherever you go ; it’s a whole little world inside of you, and it makes me so happy to know that I’m one who created it. Somedays, though, I simply can’t find the imagination or the influence or the inspiration to help me get started. In case any of you guys are suffering through the same thing, I’ve come up with a list of writing prompts that might help a bit with your writing process.

Here goes! — ☽

➢ A 28 year old woman jumps of the roof of a 28-story building. Each floor she falls past brings back a new memory, and by the time she reaches the 4th floor, she comes across a memory that makes her regret jumping. What is the memory and why did she jump? How does the story end?

➢ Describe what you can see outside your window in 100 words.

➢ You and your friend are curious about what lies at the end of the rainbow, so you decide to investigate. But what you discover at the end of the rainbow isn’t a pot of gold – in fact, it is something that might change your life forever. What is it?

➢ Google, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other social media applications all live together in Wifi, their home. One day, Wifi gets flooded and the apps are devastated. Describe the scene. (I especially like this one, because all of the apps have their own personalities – for example, Google is a know-it-all and Instagram speaks in hashtags. 😂)

➢ Describe a day from the point of view of your shoes.

➢  At the age of 17, each person chooses their life script, a booklet that will dictate all of their choices and decisions. The problem? The shorter the script you choose, the more fun and fulfilled life you will lead. What is the scene like when everyone is trying to decide on their script?

➢ Conflicting emotions are at play here :
1) A boy is being bullied.
2) By a girl.
3) He has a crush on that same girl.

➢ Exhibits (statues, monuments, artefacts etc.) in a museum are secretly alive, and roam the museum halls after all the visitors leave. It is the first night on the job for a security guard, and boy is he in for a shock.

➢ Describe a dramatic break-up scene in a Parisian cafe only through sounds. (No visual imagery ; you can be as creative as you’d like spelling out sound effects – like the door closing or a chair squeaking. Of course, dialogue is present here too.)

➢  A man is eating a boring salad. Write a 200 word essay dedicated to how fascinating salads are, and by the end of it, you should have the reader convinced that salads are extraordinary.

➢ Every time somebody meets their soulmate, a new season is born. Occurrences where people meet their soulmates are rare, so so far there are only four seasons. Write about the story behind autumn.

➢ For him, it was the end. But for her, it was just beginning.

➢ He discovers a younger version of himself trapped inside a video game, and decides to try and set him free. If all goes well, he may be able to recover his lost memories. If he fails, he may risk erasing his very existence.

☾— So that’s all I have for you guys today! I hope you’ve enjoyed, and please leave a like and comment if you did! I’ve put a lot of effort into these prompts, so if they were helpful and if you feel like you could actually use them, then I’m more than happy. 😊😊 If by chance you do write something with my prompts, don’t hesitate in contacting me on the “contact” page or through my email – smile.sunshine12345@gmail.com – , and who knows? I might have one of your pieces featured in my next post! 💕🌟

Siddelee xx


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