Magic In The Moment

soft creaks on the porch steps
a swallow’s call rings true
trees bathed in golds and reds
awash, ablaze, anew.

a thousand gifts this season brings,
silver nestlings spread their wings,
foxes trot and children play
o’er the fields of barley and hay .

to take off and ride the gentle breeze
amongst this crown of falling leaves
soaring over trees of maple and oak,
flaunting their glorious autumn cloak.

yet i know that cruel winter’s approach is nigh,
bare branches are stark against the bright sky
and along with it brings a melancholy strand,
as all of the colour drains from the land.

but though the snow piles deep outside
and winter can be a pleasant ride,
there’s silence where light was
taut chains where flight was
my soul cries just because

seasons must pass
people will change
and still i will forever miss
the duvets and tea steam
starry skies and sweet dreams
of our endless spirit of autumn-time.


That was just a piece I did for my English project ; it’s not very good, plus it’s springtime at the moment. 😂 Oh well. I’m just running out of things to post, you know, because lately blogging isn’t as much of a hobby for me and is instead more of a chore. 😔😔 It’s just that I can’t find much motivation to do it much.

Anyways. That’s all I got for ya’ll today!

See you and hopefully something more exciting will follow my next post!

Love from Siddelee xxx.

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