Autumn Jams

"So as you can tell from the title, today I've come up with a list of autumn tunes I love to listen to. I did this because autumn is slipping away from my grasp and I'm just trying to savour the last few orange-leaf moments left."

Thanksgiving is Here!

Helloooo, sparklers! This will be a very short blog post as it is currently the most exciting time of this entire month.. drumroll please.. THANKSGIVING!! Thanksgiving is here!! I've been anticipating this for over ten weeks now!! Since like forever! A feel like my stomach has finally loosened after months of anticipation, and the adrenaline … Continue reading Thanksgiving is Here!

Possibility Yonder

"And when that time comes, I know a new star will appear in the sky, one that tells the story of my homecoming and victory, one that may just be able to include flower crowns in the rain, bare feet on pebbles, and my body moving, so carefree, to our world's forever pulsing heartbeat."

Thanksgiving DIYs

"Good morning, bluebirds! I know I've already posted once about Thanksgiving, but the vibes I'm feeling are overpowering and I'm here, back once again, to share with ya'll a few autumny DIYs and craft ideas. These super simple, easy-to-make fall crafts will be sure to light up the room and brighten your day!"

Thanksgiving Inspiration and Other November Noddies

"Hello, rosebuds! Thanksgiving is only 12 days away, and my family's already thrown into the preparations for it. Thanksgiving is always a huge event for us, and especially now, when all this drama and arguing is going on in our house, I'm super grateful for Thanksgiving. It's the only time of the year where my family is guaranteed to put aside our differences and celebrate together (or so I hope). Our family history stretches back hundreds of years - I bet my ancestors practically came over on the Mayflower."